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Rehearsal Rooms Stockport

Welcome to ‘Platform’, the best value Rehearsal Rooms Stockport. If you are in a band and are looking for rehearsal space in Stockport, look no further as you have found Stockport’s rehearsal rooms.

Please contact me (Lee) on the number below to book yourself in!

Platform rehearsal rooms in Stockport have been providing suitable and great value rehearsal rooms for more than fifteen years. The rehearsal rooms here are all equipped with high powered PA systems and secure lockups so you can leave your gear in there until your next rehearsal. In one of the rehearsal rooms there’s a drum kit to be made use of and there’s comfy furniture in all the rooms too. There’s currently a total of two rehearsal rooms with one more being built right now.

We’re easy to find and have fantastic links to the whole of Manchester as we are located just off the M60 as it goes through Stockport. All rehearsal rooms are located inside Meadow Mill on the 4th floor (don’t worry, there’s a lift at the main entrance). You simply come off the M60 at the giant Tesco and the Mill is right next to it. You can’t miss it, it’s staring you right in the face! It’s free parking too – all day and night.

To see the amazing rates we offer, go over to the rates page by clicking here.

So to book your rehearsal rooms in Stockport, simply contact me on the number below or simply fill out the contact form on the front page and I will get straight back to you and book you in!

Rehearsal Rooms Stockport

Please note that we are rehearsal rooms only and do not offer recording or recording studio services. For such services try these guys.

Stockport Rehearsal Rooms.