Local Relevant Services

Stockport Rehearsal Room Services

Please find below relevant services to those who are booking our Stockport rehearsal room services. These are local services found in the Stockport area.


Musical Instrument Purchase and Hire:

Greater Manchester Music Hub

Fab Music Store

Alligator Music

Et Cetera


Music Academy and Music Lessons:

Riffs Music Academy

Stockport Guitar Lessons

Online Mixing and Mastering Tutorials


Record Shops in Manchester:

Record Shop City


Musical Instrument Repair:

SJL Instrument Repairs

The Music Techs

The David Bailey Music Studio


In case your Mrs needs a hairdresser in or around the Sale area, my mates wife has a very reputable home salon! She does all my friends hair! Have a look here:

Hairdresser in Sale


Stockport Rehearsal Room Services

At Platform you will find everything you need. Stockport rehearsal room services are what we do and we do it well. You have found your solution so call Lee now on the number below and book your slot. Or fill out the form on the front page and we’ll get in touch with you sharp’ish providing the information you need. Rehearsal Rooms Stockport.