Stockport Rehearsal Room Rates

Stockport Rehearsal Rooms

Amazing Rates

6 HOURS = £30

Platform rehearsal room rates are divided into 6 hour sessions, each priced at £30. You can rehearse as many times as you need in a week. Stockport rehearsal rooms times are flexible too, sessions can start early in the morning or finish late into the night.

To book your band in, contact me (Lee) on the number below or use the form on the front page.

Stockport Rehearsal Rooms

Don’t forget that we offer secure lockups for your gear so you do not have to ferry it here and back every time you rehearse. This is especially useful if you have lots of gear like drum kits, selections of guitars, electronic keyboards, guitar cabs, bass cabs, etc etc. We try to make it easy for you. The rates are great and you get everything you need.

Book now by calling Lee on 07930 876 033

Here are some services you may find useful if you need musical instrument repair:

Thank you for your interest in Platform Rehearsal Rooms Stockport. To book in Call Lee or use the form on the front page.